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Interlaken (Switzerland)

A small town at the bottom of Jungfrau Mountains in the Swiss Alps. It is a beautiful little town with two big lakes on either side. We spent half a day wondering around admiring the architectures and window shopping because unless you had money to burn you could not really shop there. Switzerland is so expensive. I don’t know how you could go shopping in Switzerland unless you’re a local or well off. Anyway because of that we only walked around and then headed out to see one of the lakes.

Lake was stunning and full of minerals. The colour of the lake was like a pastel green colour. In fact it is actually Evian water which the Swiss bottles and sell. Not only bottle the water the Swiss shower in it. So in the shower you can just open your mouth while in there and drink the water. The Swiss are very precious about their water.

Anyway not much to do in Interlaken but with the surroundings that it has, I am sure the locals have the best of both worlds. I can see it being a very beautiful place during the peak winter season covered in white.

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